Stone Gossard and Priestbird
RECORDED BY: Beau Flecher and Floyd Reitsma at Litho Studios and Barrett Jones at Laundry Room Studio in Seattle
MIXED and MASTERED BY: Noah Georgeson at New King Sound in Los Angeles
ARTWORK BY: Carly Margolis (

All songs written and performed by PRIESTBIRD

Gregory Rogove: vocals, drums, percussion, piano
Saunder Jurriaans: vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass
Danny Bensi: vocals, cello, guitar, bass, percussion

Keith Lowe: bass on "Gone", "Stay", and "Color Loom"
Chris O'Connell: bass on "Bright Wind"

THANK YOU TO ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS RECORD POSSIBLE: Stone Gossard, Elizabeth Weber, Dorie Zarbis, Beau Flecher, Floyd Reitsma, Keith Lowe, Barrett Jones, Jose Medeles and Revival Drum Shop, Chris O'Connell, Kate Bayley, Dr. David Hughes, Patricia Iglesias, Diana Garcia, Philip Kressin and Emily Haines, The Strokes, Lauren Dukoff, Ron Winter, Elayne Blythe, Adam Newport-Berra, Madeleine Mariner, Hayden Dunham, Graham Reznick, Nick Metcalf, Dustin Bowlin, Kathryn Frazier and Biz3, Carly Margolis, Noah Georgeson, moms, dads, sisters and brothers.


All Music COPYRIGHT 2011, Priestbird.

photos by Lauren Dukoff